Substructure ( Pedestals )

LEOR Floor has a wide range of substructure and suitable for all type of installations. The structure can be provided stringer less or with stringers, according to the floor height and the load requirements.

Bare panels are installed by corner lock screws to pedestal head without connecting stringers. Panels are manufactured with special round holes on the corners to be fixed by screw to die-formed pedestal head or flat pedestal head.

Aluminium Cross Head Pedestals

Aluminium square head is 95 mm and 3 to 4 mm thick. It is fitted with an expansion gasket designed to keep the panels separated by 0.3mm at all times. This eliminates the panels clicking or rubbing up against each other during expansion. Panel is locked to the head by corner lock screws.

Rigid Grid System

This system has a fixed rigid grid understructure made up of pedestals and bolted stringers. The stringers are screw fixed on the pedestal heads forming a perfect 600 x 600mm square grid, offering a great lateral support and guaranteeing continuous earth bonding. Rigid grid system is recommended for applications where there are constant rolling activity on the floor and high load and traffic areas such as corridors and lobbies. Panels are gravity-held in the understructure for fast removal and replacement.

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