Wood Core Panel Application

Wood core panels are available with several understructure support systems and numerous factory laminated finishes. Fully Interchangeable steel perforated and die cast aluminum grates are also available. Together they meet the needs of a wide range of applications from office environments to data centers, telecommunication, and mission critical facilities. Wood core panels consist of high density composite wood core glued to and encased in hot dipped galvanized formed steel sheets eliminating the risk of zinc whiskers. These panels are ULC listed for flame spread and smoke development and provide excellent rigidity, durability and acoustic performance.

LEOR antistatic wood core access panel is made of high density chipboard. The top surface is stuck with high pressure laminate (HPL) or conductive PVC, the bottom is covered with aluminium foil or galvanized sheet. Four edges are sealed with black PVC edge trim.

Panel Features
  • Light weight, less noise and comfortable when walking through.
  • Smooth floor surface, high dimension accuracy and good interchangeability.
  • Full range of factory laminated finishes.
  • High strength to weight performance.
  • Finishes available with integral trim edge.
  • High dimension accuracy and environmental proof.

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Computer rooms, network service rooms, control rooms, top grade offices.

  • High density particle board, PVC edge trim, sound proof.
  • High density particle board, PVC edge trim, sound proof.
  • Adjustable height for pedestal, assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability.
  • Outlet mating. Elegant appearance for paving wildly brand top tiles.
  • Light weight, high loading capacity, convenient removing.

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Panel- 30- 38mm thickness particle board , PVC covered four edges, steel/aluminum on the bottom plate , tiles could be carpet ,HPL, PVC, steel plate, aluminum foil or other tiles as you like.

Accessories -die casting steel structure pedestal plastic gasket on top, height could be 70mm- 1000mm, with or without square tube stringer steady connect the system.

Panel- Galvanized steel plate encase the wood core in six faces, steel sealed edge, with or without corner lock hole in four corners.

Wood core - PVC & HPL (Structure)


Finishes (HPL and Vinyl)

HPL Finish

LEOR access floor can be supplied with a antistatic HPL which offers excellent qualities, both functional and aesthetic. Its resistance to wear and vapour, its hygienic properties as well as its versatility makes it the ideal material for all applications where strength and design need to be combined.
The HPL protects individuals from voltage shorts that can occur with electrical equipment on an access floor and also creates an electrostatic discharge which helps in prevention of static electricity occurrence that can cause damage to the equipment.
HPL panel comes with conductive pvc edge trim. High pressure laminate is used in all computer room applications such as control rooms, technical rooms, data centers and communication centers.

Vinyl Finish

LEOR Floor is available also with vinyl coverings with different electrical properties to minimize or eliminate the risk of electro static discharge .It is essential that the correct product is selected for the intended application.
Vinyl panel is characterized by static dissipative or conductive PVC and factory bonded with 2 mm thickness. Conductive PVC is recommended in sensitive work places to prevent electrostatic charges.

  • Designed specifically for computer rooms & equipment rooms.
  • Panels are installed by gravity on substructure by connecting with bolted stringers.
  • PVC taped stringer provides excellent Air Leakage Rate performance.
  • Excellent seismic proof performance.

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